Roll up your sleeves

Saturated in pain my distain for ignorance behoves me.
Mental blocks conversation drops and nothing is amusing.
When the love stops feelings get chopped now the battle we are loosing.

From the bottom to the top give it all you got or your gift will be wasted. If you never give up eventually you will touch the dream if you’ve ever chased it.

Adversity brings strength your endurance determines the length, of the journey you are facing.
It’s not a race so don’t give chase in life you should be pacing.

No path is clear so have no fear and be guided by the light.
Open your ears hold back the tears roll up your sleeves and fight.

You only get cheers when you’re winning, some say this is just the beginning but life is going fast and a lot of people’s are ending.

I do not recommend that you just blend in because you want to set the standard. To be the best it is a test so go get it don’t just gander, won’t settle for less, don’t give me stress my tittle is now commander.

Give me the keys I’m taking the lead I hunt for knowledge then I feed, spreading the word won’t be deterred because help is what we need, being careful so I don’t plant one bad seed.

Greed, lust and envy are the roots of all evil, I don’t harp on those feelings because I know we all are equal, knowing when I die there isn’t a sequel, so I want to live a honorable life and write meaningful things for the people.


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