What’s in a Day

I call you sweetie everyday so why is today special? I give you my all and even when I’ve had a bad day I don’t take it out on you. When my skies are gray, it only rains on me but when you’re feeling blue, I do too. So what’s in a day and why do you feel the need to commemorate it?

A simple man am I no fancy dinners or big surprises, going all out for a day is just me compromising, because a real man is any day and there is no denying, my lady will always feel like she is flying.

It took God a week so What’s in a day, you mean I can make you love me by going out of my way or is it all a silly little game that we play.

Emotions are dangerous more like a bomb ready to explode or a loaded gun with a hair trigger just about to unload. When dealing with feelings you don’t know what’ll unfold, because people do things that go untold so what seems to be moving gets put on hold.

What’s in a day when things change by the Hour, why do you give a day all that power or if you get nothing your mood goes from sweet to sour.

Don’t let today change the way you think of me, watch the everyday person that I’ll be and then make your assessment based on what you see.

So what’s in a day that hasn’t been happening all the time?
After today will you forget all the things that was on your mind?
So what’s in a day if what your looking for you don’t find?
Did the flowers, card, candy and dinner make everything “just fine”?


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