Thinking Out Loud

As I struggle with my inefficiencies I battle the things that’s conflicting me and I have dreams of a life that is meant to be.

I don’t feed into negativity, I’ve got feelings but I lack the sensitivity and at times I can’t tell the difference between my dreams and reality.

But my confidence never falters and my strength never fades, I’m becoming the man I’m supposed to be and at times I’m amazed, by the ignorance of people but me they can’t phase.

If you lack comprehension skills at times you won’t know the real, you’ll get lost in the shuffle trying to figure out what’s the deal, so open your mind and always speak on how you feel.

We don’t chill when there’s work to be done, we must battle until the war is won and you’ll be fine if you understand that life won’t always be fun, remembering to get yours first because you might not get none.

To sum this all up what I’m saying is don’t get stuck, life is what you make it so don’t count on your luck, be responsible keep your promises and one day your dreams you’ll touch.


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