When silence isn’t an option I turn to the music.
It gives me peace of mind and at times I could use it.

From ribbons in the sky to that song called you and I.
There’s songs that make you laugh and some that’ll make you cry.

Lately my genres all over the place because if I like it I don’t care.
Bumping Rob Zombie with my head bobbing as I drive people looking everywhere.

I like the sound of music, mostly old but some new.
The beats are nice but what they’re saying I haven’t got a clue.

As I begun to explore sound the music has been calling.
From Shai, boys II men, Kelly Price and Alecia Keys I keep on falling.

Just to keep me on the level right now I listen to Bruno Mars.
Hoping to stay in touch I’ve got satellite radio for the car.

Kelly Rowland and Lil Wayne gives me Motivation.
To the ladies Brian McKnight becomes topic for conversation.

Carl Thomas puts us in the mood for a little Summer Rain.
In the club you’ll get your heavy dose of Future and T-pain.

For the ones who love to cuddle there is the Isley Brothers.
Case, Jeremih, Chris Brown, General Cain song was this is for the lovers.

Areo Smith, Bon Jovi, Cold Play and Nirvana.
On Rockband Curt Cobain songs give me so much drama.

UGK, Eightball & M.J.G with some Bone-Thugs N Harmony.
Scarface, Too Short, Spice 1featuring Boss it wasn’t no harming me.

He went from Tupac to Makeveli as some claim that he preached.
I just thought he spoke some words that some parents couldn’t teach.

From Biggie Smalls to Big Poppa everyone listened to that man.
He knew the truth something that most still don’t understand.

My love for music is deep and it seems to never end.
I’m never lonely because in music I’ve found a good friend.


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