Give Him Credit

I think God should be thanked for all things good or bad. We give the devil to much credit. God didn’t tell Noah to build the arch for nothing! He puts our spirit through test and the test is to not deny his presence. Just as you thank him for his grace so shall you thank him for your time of despair.

A few months ago my life drastically changed and I thought I was loosing everything that I had work so hard to maintain, so every night I prayed thanking him for what I have instead of blaming him for what I didn’t. I ask for understanding of emotions and the patience to deal with everyday, I pray for my enemies just as I pray for my family, I ask for him to guide me fore without him I am blind. God tears down just as much as he builds but it’s all for character. Be resilient and conquer the mishaps as you cheer with winning.

Life gets tough and something’s will be hard to get over but just let go and let God, we can’t change yesterday and tomorrow isn’t promised so forgive today. God made it possible for us to start over, yes you only have one life but you have ample opportunities to get your life right or at best get it right with God.

Jesus died for us to be forgiven, it’s for this reason that I am driven because my life belongs to him and to him I’m given.

All I’ve got until I reach the top yes I’ll slow down but I’ll never be stopped and in every endeavor good or bad to the Lord I give props.

Ignited by a fire that will burn for life, step out on faith, yeah I wouldn’t think twice acknowledging that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice.

No advice I’ll just give you my thought, we are at war so key lessons should be taught, if you lean only on occasion that means your soul has been bought.


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