The World Is Mine

I’ve got visions of victory from many valiant attempts
I think on my toes I get the whole picture not just a glimpse.

I want to be the king of my castle, surveyor of the land
It all starts with a dream made into a plan.

Not to be mistaken for arrogance or conceit
It’s the confidence I’ve acquired to never suffer defeat.

I want to teach while I try my best to reach, now it seems all I do is spread the word and preach, while feelings and emotions I will not breach.

This is for each and all, together we’ll stand tall, I am a catcher and I’ll never let you fall.

Do you recall I told you the world is mine, I’m taking the steps and making the time, knowing when the lights come on I’m going to shine.

Committing no crimes spend my free moments trying to unwind, won’t shut my eyes because in the dark you go blind.

Unwilling to compromise the truth, my temper never goes through the roof and I come with statistics and articles for proof.

Once again I say the world is mine and I’m taking it over, I want to be lucky as a four leaf clover as I ask myself is life better sober?

I take small steps in order to soak up all the information, now I can join into any and every conversation because I’ve mastered the art of communication.

As I end this demonstration of the role I’ve taken on, I’m taking my place right where I belong, the world is mine now I’m taking my throne and that’s where I’m at so come with me before I’m gone!!


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