The Challenge

I challenge myself to be a better man, stepping out on my faith and just knowing that “I can”.

A masterpiece is what I’m creating, making my own path and it’s very motivating, not knowing my next move yet I sit anticipating.

My next endeavor will be clever because I lead by example, give up I’ll never but all things in life I’ll sample, while the kindness factor returns are ample.

Trying not to trample on your feelings, attitudes vary and some are not appealing, emotions get lost and conversations aren’t healing.

I challenge you to some revealing, stop the lies and all the concealing, the constant bickering and the ill dealing.

I challenge us to be one, you and me should get this done and no outsider will decide our outcome.

I challenge y’all to resolve, close doors don’t let them revolve, you can’t hold back or the situation won’t be dissolved.

The challenge is to get involved, you don’t help someone for applause and you wouldn’t sign a contract before reading the clause.

Pause and smell the roses clear your mind and start composing or sit idle and watch things around you start eroding.

There’s a challenge to be met, promises that should be kept and I end certain prayers by simply saying that Jesus wept.

That is strength we can not get, yet we reap the benefit and you walk around selfish let me be the first to tell you that’s totally arrogant.

I challenge you to change, seek knowledge to obtain all the health, wealth, fortune and fame

I challenge you not to complain, find a good relationship and sustain, build a future trying your best to maintain.

I challenge you to challenge yourself right now, stand up an stand your ground, the challenge is to stand up without ever backing down.

“I challenge my challenges to challenge my challenges” Poeticfury


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