Look At Me Now

I’m a little bit serious but I’m all the way real,
I speak my mind especially if it’s about how I feel.

Don’t keep it concealed cause eventually it comes to light, I want the world and for these things I’ll fight.

With all my might I’ll get to my destination
Then I’ll take the much needed and deserved vacation.

The vindication I felt from getting up from my fall Is a feeling I recommend to every one of y’all.

I shall not miss my call there’s something in store for me If it’s just one more day I’ll be grateful and you’ll see.

Fortunately I have my own expectations of life
My goals is my creation and they won’t be sacrificed.

I’ll never think twice about helping you if I can
It’s all in the plan to becoming a better man.

When I land it’ll always be on my feet
Quitting is the only way I’ll ever suffer defeat.

So that demise I won’t meet I will forever bounce back, after you laughed in my face look at me now and tell me how you like that.


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