Evolution itself teaches us that nothing stays the same also with breakthroughs in technology we’re playing a whole new game.

Life expectancy is a shame, we’re always pointing fingers and places blame, life is to short to be unhappy so what is your aim?

We are not here to cause each other pain but we do so without warning, having fun right now then you’re sorry in the morning.

sometimes it’s cool to be boring because while you’re ignoring the signs and walking into the situation blind, you might be in a spot that’s not even worth the time.

Yours or mine if you seek you will find but everything that glitters doesn’t keep it’s shine, so you should always have presence of mind.

Decline what you know isn’t good for you, recline when you’re feeling blue and lead with confidence to thine self be true.

Step with your best shoe forward, closer to a goal you should move toward and remember slacking without racking you can not afford.

The object isn’t to hoard or be strung along with a cord, it’s to be a good person while giving your thanks or praise to the lord always thinking the pen is mightier than the sword.

The reward is a better understanding of life, choosing the right things to sacrifice and doing what’s important without thinking twice.

My advice keep growing and learning new things, tell yourself not everything is what it seems and evolve with the times or you’ll be living in your dreams.


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