Simply complexed

Have you ever watched someone do something simple but make it so complicated? Have you offered your assistance and they didn’t want it so you sat back perplexed and astonished because the simplicity of what’s going on is just to interesting to walk away from? The real question I want to ask is, why do we make everything so hard?

Could it be difference of opinion or perhaps it’s because we think on different levels or maybe it’s just a difference between you and me. If I say “you have to pull up on the handle and turn it to the left”, then why on earth has it been ten minutes later and you are still turning the handle to the right? If you listen things get simple and if you are willing to learn it really gets simple. Repetition is the key to simplicity and the insecurities we posses in our decision making enables complex living.

Simple doesn’t mean easy and complex doesn’t always translate into hard. Our level of understanding predicts how simple or complex things will be. You don’t have to be a genius but you do have to bring your level of intellect up. The more you know the more you’ll grow, challenge yourself to do better and you’ll be better. Think different and you won’t get the same results, be of mind to find out what you don’t know.

If you find something complex, I’ll find you at least five people to say it’s simple. Find simple and I’ll show you how it can become complex. For every story has two sides so does simple and as sure as we make life decisions daily, we’ll have complexity in those choices.

To me being simple is just like being normal and I’m neither, normal is ordinary and simple is boring. A sheltered life has no surprises and even though all surprises aren’t good, it makes for interesting living.


4 thoughts on “Simply complexed

  1. I enjoyed the journey. It was really very clever how you answered your own (and ours) question
    at the end.


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