Evaluating situations randomly

Evaluate today because it could hinder your tomorrow, in this life we enjoy ourselves about as much as we have sorrow.

Our time here is borrowed so what are you doing with yours, everyday is a mystery so to relax you can not afford.

The reward you’ll receive can only be described as heavenly, when you go into the world and fulfill your destiny.

Never letting you get the best of me is how I stay on my game, if and when you decide to stop learning you’ll have only yourself to blame.

Tired of the same old same but all you do is complain, I say do something and you’re steadily trying to explain.

Why it went wrong but it’s the same song because you keep sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong.

Watch your tone stay in your lane and know your role, it’s when you’re not doing these things that your life spins out of control.

In life you shouldn’t fold because the cards can always be reshuffled and you’ll say things you don’t mean but you can sometimes make a rebuttal.

Your words should never be muffled speak your mind loud and clear, especially if you saying something you think we need to hear.

Have no fear, walk tall and stand proud, you know there’s a silver lining after each and every cloud.

I’ll stand out in a crowd limit my mistakes and take in honest opinions and I’ll never forget where I came from so to St. Clair I give mentions.

This is only an extension of the man I’m still becoming and I know that what I have no man can take it from me.

What I see says a lot I’m analytical so in everything I feel a lesson can be taught and the truth is free so it can’t be bought.

This is a random thought and I don’t know where it’s going, but as long as it’s the truth then the right direction I am blowing.

Flowing from emotion and it’s taking us all over the place and if you’re confused to the meaning of this blog then you should look at my face!!


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