It’s hard to imagine life without some people,
especially if their our family, friends or ones we deem equal.

It’s not the end there’s a sequel we are the stars,
the movie starts when the procession is followed by cars.

We’ll see they’re face again but we don’t know when,
so don’t disrespect their life by letting yours blow in the wind.

It’s a shame& a sin how we treat our own lives,
all I have is questions like the how when&why’s.

To many lies&failed tries, infinite mistakes& people to despise,
we should man up or do like the sun and RISE!!

Rise to the occasion and take on the challenge,
Be a better person while striving to maintain your balance.

Rise because only the devil wants to see you fail,
Rise because I know we can prevail.

It’s up to us to rise, we all have the power,
This is the time, right now is the hour.

Rise and feel the connection it can’t be that bad,
rise or you might miss out on the best thing you ever had.

It’s important to stand up while holding yourself accountable and when you’ve done that, we’ll RISE together and be unstoppable.


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