Let’s Talk

I’ve done a considerable amount of talking and I know you’ve been listening, I hope we’re learning together, growing together and just trying our best to be better.

Honestly I just want your opinion or your truth, I want your feedback and insight. My goal isn’t to talk to myself and I know I’m not because I check the stats and I see you’ve been here, so take a minute to subscribe and leave your thoughts. Even if we have conflicting views, I’ll post your comment and evaluate it until we have a mutual understanding of the facts.

Yes, I want your time but if you’re here, I’ve already got it and it’ll only be a few minutes more to get your view across, especially since I would love to hear what you have to say. We all have a voice but how we use our voice in society is how our voice gets heard.

So, let’s talk because I’m all ears, I want to hear the vision of my peers and together we can wipe out the doubt and the fears.

Let’s converse or just tell me your side of the story, I want what’s best for us all so please don’t ignore me and I’m not doing this for recognition to or for glory.

Talking solves problems if you care to share, open the lines of communication and you’ll be surprised by who is there, a true friend which today is kind of rare.

Let’s just talk you know it’s better out than in, at times I’m confused as to where I should begin but you have to start somewhere so come on let’s be friends.

Let’s talk it will be good you’ll see, open up how hard could it be, okay, I’ll start by telling you something about me.

I guess You can call me Claustrophobic because I get uneasy in small spaces or when I’m elbow to elbow in people jams, yet it doesn’t stop me from being in those situations. In order to get everything out of life you have to be willing to understand or try anything. Intelligence is muscle and your level of intellect determines your strength. When you can not decipher the code you don’t gain access.

If you have a question ask and if not here you can find me tweeting facts or shouting back @poeticfury77.


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