I was thinking about you today and it made me smile.
I was thinking about you today and it was just for a little while.

I remember how when I opened the door you were excited.
I remember that when we were together it was you and me united.

We never argued even though at times you made me mad.
We never communicated verbally but no one could take away what we had.

We would take walks and play together those were the days.
Even though at times I didn’t understand your ways.

My best friend was she when you left so did apart of me.
searched for you while asking myself how could this be.

I miss you more than ever, you did things I thought was clever and I knew I was wrong for subjecting you to the weather.

When the night became day I was hoping we’d be together but it didn’t happen and now it will never, if I could I’d change things and they’d be better.


When you get a pet and show them love, they’ll love you unconditionally. My pets name was “cutie”. I got her in 1998 and she was apart of my life until 2009, I miss her like it was yesterday and I never thought I’d be that attached. She, just like you and I had flaws but she was truly my best friend and I wish that we could have one more walk.


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