The Plan

“You plan for life but life always has a different plan for you”.- Pf77

We think we know what we want out of life but more often than not the wind blows and the course changes. We ask ourselves questions like “why is this happening to me” and “what did I do to deserve this”. Honest opinion; you don’t have to do anything. We work off Gods plan and you and I really have no clue as to what that plan is, so we are given choices and every choice we make good or bad, creates another plan. Ultimately the master plan is to be a great person and a responsible, respected God fearing man.

My plan is to have intellect, insight and intuition, my plan is to be confident in any and all decisions and I’ll go with my first thought never undermining my suspicions.

My plan is to forever obtain knowledge, Enough to start my own college and to the books I’ve read and the teachers that taught I pay homage.

My plan is to better my life, my happiness is not to be sacrificed and we all should seek happiness that’s just my advice.

My plan consist of substance, truth and honorable deeds, starting with my blog, Facebook, twitter and rss feeds.

My plan isn’t a plot, I’m not in it for what you’ve got and I only want to help so I offer to share my pot.

My plan is to pick out the weak and teach them to be strong, pat the children on the back and show them right from wrong.

My plan is to encourage be a leader so you can follow, my heart is big and has room for all and it’ll never be hollow.

My plan isn’t dangerous and it’ll never cause you harm, it’s to wake up the sleepers you know sound the alarm and I’ll catch you from falling just give me your arm.

My plan isn’t to charm and it won’t be entertaining, my plan is to reveal the truth and at times the truth is shaming, but I’ll tell both sides trying not to point fingers and start blaming.

My plan is to fight for my beliefs, I’ll earn my respect and be brief, while gaining knowledge and understanding life makes me a beast.

It’s bigger than man but it starts with saying I can then you have to go out and commit to your plan, letting everyone know that in your way no man will stand.

My plan, my life and my way. My ups, my downs and my day. My do my don’t, my will and my won’t. My flaw, my failure, my need and my want.

I make plans based on what God has planned for me, what’s next I don’t know but I will not wait to see, because the plan today “be the best that I can be”.

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