If you don’t speak your mind eventually your body will start to talk, it’s not what you said because I could tell it from your walk.

You know that action always speaks louder than words and all your actions say right now is “do not disturb”.

We look for new beginnings and the perfect ending, but truth be told it’s always over greed, lust or envy.

We as a people should be the ones to break the cycle, it’s only hard because I’m thinking big and you are thinking micro.

Why must we fight, we are suppose to be on the same team, but how can we be when we don’t even share the same dream.

You react to it all and I just try to resolve, your loosing your balance and I’m just trying not to let you fall.

I react to very little and it’s taken for minuscule, just because I down play things don’t take me for the fool.

They’re most certainly are rules in this game of life we play, your actions puts your whole character on display.

It’s not what you do, it’s all about how you do it, if you understand things there will be nothing to it.

Show some pride do not hide and when taking a chance you should let it ride, as long as things of importance you don’t let them slide.

It’s all about action, so don’t speak of it if you can not do, talking is idol but the strength to go is in you.

Growth and expansion makes us better as a whole, being stuck in neutral is like having no one at the control.

Don’t put your life on hold keep pressing on, you only have one life so have fun before it’s gone.

Make your actions speak for themselves so what you say will matter,don’t follow the masses or listen to idol chatter.

Action is the key, the action is where we want to be, if you’re not about action, you’ll have to get away from me.


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