Wants & Needs

What do YOU want? 9 times out of 10 when you get asked that question the answer is, I DON’T KNOW! Truth be told you really don’t want anything but you say, “well since you asked I could go for a” and without hesitation we ask for whatever comes to mind, knowing that we could’ve saved that one for a rainy day. Personally, I don’t want anything and what I do want I’ll get for myself.

What do you need? Me, I need to feel needed. I’m a helper by design and I posses the ability to bring the best out of people. I live to inspire because I’m reaching for my dreams and if I see you reaching, I’ll be more willing to give you a boost. I too, just like you need love. Everyone needs someone to love and for someone to love them back. No one is perfect and no one ever will be, but love endures and it’s energy ensures that only time will outlast it.

What I want is for you to be consistent and what I need from you is your undivided attention.

What I need from you is your affection and what I’ll offer you is my everlasting protection.

What I want is for you to let me teach you and what I need is for the words I say to reach you.

What I need is you to understand I’m not mistake free and what I want is for you to not hold my imperfections against me.

What I want is a mutual understanding of the fact and what I need is for you to be in my corner and cut the act.

What I need can’t be bought on the corner or out of the store and what I want is for you to strive for greatness and just want more.

What I want and what I need are not that far fetched, my wants and needs sometimes leave me vexed.

My wants and needs are really starting to change for the better and my wants and needs are all about getting my life together.

Everybody has needs and some never explore their wants and what she deems a want I might not ever need.


2 thoughts on “Wants & Needs

  1. Nice work, everyone wants and needs are different. Myself personally I don’t want to need anyone. I want love and want whoever I choose to be with, I want to be able to think about him, I want to look at him in amazement and I want to feel him even when were miles apart that’s the love I want

    • We all want an extraordinary love but sometimes we must evaluate the love we have for self and once we realize and have a total love and respect for ourselves, it can be shared with anyone. No love is impossible but it starts within and you can’t have it without.

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