Loquaciously Gifted

Never in a million years could you have told me I’d be loquaciously gifted. Yeah, there were signs, like the times I’d argue my mother up and down about something, trying to get my point across even if I was wrong or when I got in trouble I’d try talking myself out of any punishment. Only glimpses into a life that’s only a third of what I’m made up of. My parents were very articulate and after my father passed, my mother instilled in me the want to learn and the will to succeed. The wisdom I inherited is a credit to my mother “taking the time to teach her children”. Oh and by the way, she is the reason I love to talk.

The ability to connect with words, that is the foundation of success. If you can talk to people and get them to listen, you’ve created a bond because words resonate. Powerful messages never go unheard and the voices you hear in your time of despair are the ones you know would never lead you astray. Words are everything because they entertain your emotions. They play on our feelings and make us do things out of the norm. We say words don’t hurt but honestly sometimes I’d rather be punched. We say damaging things to each other and often we don’t know how what was said hurts the one we said it to, so be careful with your words, you might say something you can’t take back.

Conversation, communication and the ability to relate to one another are all keys to having a healthy relationship, no matter the type. If we change the way we think, the words that come out our mouth would be well thought out. If we were to think before we speak, we are more likely to say what’s on our mind and we wouldn’t blabber out unwarranted comments.

You wouldn’t talk to your parents the way you talk to your friends and you wouldn’t talk to your friends the way you would a total stranger, why? Because we learn to filter our mouths around those we respect but understand this, how can I respect you when you don’t respect me? Life isn’t about what you agree with, it’s about what you understand and what I understand is this; “no man/woman is better than the next but we all make choices and those choices make us different, not special but different”. -Pf77

Can you speak your mind without loosing control? How long will you argue before you loose it? Can I constructively criticize you without you getting upset? What is your limit and can anyone push you past it? If you are loquaciously gifted, there is no situation you can’t converse your way thru and these questions will never relate to you. However when you let your emotions control the situation, you’ll loose control every time.

If you can talk about it you can do it, your life consist of what you put into it. Hold yourself accountable for what comes out and I’ll bet you money you’d think before you speak.

I used to hold my tongue and keep to myself, now I speak for me can’t speak for no one else.

The ability to communicate your feelings stops them from being bottled up inside, then you can let things go without loosing confidence or your pride.

You can hide your face from the world just don’t put it in writing, because words will reveal every little thing you’re hiding.

We talk to our friends, our boss, our family and our lovers, only words that aren’t spoken never leave from under the covers.

A closed mouth won’t get fed, if you can’t speak for yourself then you’ve never lead and stop with the excuses or your word could be dead.

Your word could go a long way if the words you choose affects lives and be careful with your words they could cut deeper than knives.


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