Who’s to blame

Was it me? If you have to ask yourself that question then it probably is.
Where did we go wrong? You knew the exact moment when it did.
Why did we try to work on it? We tried nothing it was a one sided effort.
Will we be able to stay in contact? Somethings said and done can’t be taken back and some deem things irreconcilable which makes it hard to move forward.
Why stay so long if you know it’s not going to work? We think things and people will change and we hope to be forgiven. We often tell ourselves to hold on because we envision a life that could be instead of looking at the big picture and seeing things for what they really are.
Why do we harbor feelings? We let things slide and or build up until we have no room in our hearts for forgiveness. We blatantly hold grudges and bad deeds over one another, we punish each other for our lack of communication.

How can we do better? To do better you have to be better, no one can change you unless you let them. No one has the right to make you feel less than a person, we all have feelings but they feel different. What makes you laugh might make her cry, what makes them mad might have no affect on him and what makes me write is your eyes reading what I post.

Tolerance is different, moods are different, expressions are different and the ability to understand is different. If you don’t understand what I’m trying to say the point simply put, “WE DON’T FEEL THE SAME”. Riddle me this, two people are witness to the same crime but upon the investigation, both have two different accounts of what the suspect looked like. It’s because we process information different and we don’t see things the same.

Who’s to blame? We are because we’re selfish, arrogant, unappreciative and flat out disrespectful to ourselves and each other. Stop blaming me when clearly you have problems to. Fix you and I promise I’ll be good, stop worrying about things you can’t control and concentrate on what you can. You can’t be perfect and there will be all kinds of deterrents on your path to mistake free living. Once you have come to grips with who you are it’s going to establish how you’ll be viewed. Broaden your horizons or get left behind. Learn your limit and don’t overstep your boundaries, respect yourself then it will show and in turn you’ll be respected by others.

Who’s to blame? Stop pointing fingers it’s just rude. Stop acting like you did nothing wrong because we all do some wrong. Change is apart of life so if you’re not changing for the better, what are you changing for?

Who’s to blame? never put your own selfish needs ahead of the truth and I’ll never deny the truth because it will set my mind at ease and whatever happens after that, I’m fine with.

So who’s to blame I am, you are, we are and they are because it takes two.


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