What is normal? Matter of fact who is normal? We all have flaws, blemishes and imperfect ways but that is what makes us unique. Just my opinion but I don’t know one person who is “normal”. I’m not, he’s not, they’re not and we are not normal. Normal is a standard in which no one lives up to. I’ve never looked at something and said “that seems normal”. We say things like “she’s weird” or “that seems odd” but what’s odd to you might be normal for me. Just because you or the people you know haven’t tried or haven’t done something doesn’t make it weird, it’s just something y’all don’t do.

I’m not normal, I’m me and my abnormalities makes me genuine, one of a kind and anything that can’t be duplicated isn’t normal. You could make 10 clones of me and we will all be different somehow, but that difference makes us abnormal. Normal is 80 degrees in June, normal is getting a hamburger and fries from McDonalds, normal is getting up and going to work on time and normal is paying the bills on time. Yes there’s more but you get my drift.

We expect that people automatically knows our definition of normal but it’s defined differently depending on the source. It’s easy to judge a book by it’s cover but the “normal” thing to do is read. Once you get into the book you’ll find out that appearances are nothing but content is everything. Don’t mock what you don’t understand because you could end up the joke. Unwrap the gift paper before you say “I didn’t ask for this”, unlock the door before you call the police and say it’s been a break-in. We find out the truth before calling someone a liar and we check the schedule to see when we work instead of just showing up.

If you want normal ask yourself what’s normal, ask yourself am I normal and ask yourself do I really want normal. If you’re real with yourself no one wants normal, we want extraordinary, we want it all and we want our own. You wouldn’t start chewing a piece of gum that someone else has just spit out and you wouldn’t jump off a cliff because someone said it’s what they normally do, so stop asking for normal because you get what you ask for.


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