To many questions and no answers

Am I ordinary? Does my life have purpose? When things go bad can I continue to be a good person? If I’m suppose to teach, how do I get people to listen to my message? Who’s got my best interest in mind? Are they talking about me? Am I doing the right thing? Does she/he really love me?

What does my family think about me? Am I going to live long? Who’s going to be there when I have nothing? Can you help me like I help you? How much of this do I have to take? Will we ever be able to communicate? How deep is our love? Can we withstand anything? Can you look at me and see forever? How can this be love? Will I ever have everything I need? Can this really be it? Do we share the same dreams? What do you think of me?

Can I tell you what’s on my mind and we have a discussion instead of an argument? Will this relationship be mentally and/or physically abusive? Can I get over things? Do I want to get over things? Will I be unhappy just to make you miserable? Can I move on and you understand? Will everything we do be complicated?

Will we be happily ever after? Do You think this plan is a disaster? Is life starting to move fast? How long will it last? What happens to you when you can’t forget the past? Will we ever take off our mask? Does having fun feel like a task?

Does your house feel like your home? Who do you call when you’re all alone? Do you have to speak in that tone? You didn’t think enough to call my phone? Why must you always take so long? How many of us apologize when we are wrong?

You can ask all the questions you want but you might not ever get the answers you’re looking for so instead of always asking, maybe we should start answering our own questions.


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