Just my opinion

Life sure can get hectic at times, wow!! Where should I start, oh yeah, there was a woman, she enrolled her child in a school in a area where she didn’t live. Now the system is giving her hell and she is facing possible jail time. Then to switch subjects Casey Anthony is free. Now I’m no judge or jury but that doesn’t seem right. Stevie Wonder could see she knew something! Just my opinion.

I know you didn’t ask for my opinion but since you’re here I’ll tell you. We are going backward as a people and as a society. The self-respect for ourselves is low and the respect for others is even lower. There is no mutual agreements among misunderstandings and if you say something true to or about someone they get offended when they should just understand that the truth and only the truth will clear you of any and all emotional mistakes and wrong doings but not for anyone but You and God but that’s just my opinion.

Selfish, self-absorbed, arrogant with a bad attitude, that’s 65% of all people. We have lost the ability to connect and relate to one another so it’s always a clash. We were not put here to be unhappy and if you’re not happy, you are the only one that can change that status. Only time I’ve ever rejoiced in sadness is when God calls someone home who has paid their dues and they’re service here on earth is no longer warranted. Yes it’s a sad day for the flesh but it’s a joyous occasion for the soul. BE PREPARED because you’ll never know when it will be your home going. Other than that I’ve either been happy or sad, I don’t have a middle but that’s just me and my opinion.

Happiness to me is complicated because we hurt each other today but we’re best of friends tomorrow! We say I love you everyday but then we hurt those we love! How can you look someone in the face everyday that you really don’t want to be around? Why do we sacrifice our own happiness for people who are ungrateful, unhappy, unfair, unsure and uneducated when it comes to love?

If you thought I wasn’t going to answer those questions you’re crazy! “We are natural born settlers”! We settle for our job, our family and so much more. Stop settling and fix a steady course until you reach your destination, your dreams and your hearts just deserves. We stay in relationships because we think people will change and sometimes they do but most times they don’t and because of that statement it’s hard to ever feel like you’re not being cheated or cheated on. Just my opinion!

“When deciding on your future you might want to take a look at your past. History only repeats itself when you don’t change. Find out how to love yourself and then you can share that love but if you have no love for self you’ll treat everyone the same”.-poeticfury just my opinion.

This is not case by case, this is every man, woman and child. When dealing with feeling you’re going to get a lot of the same emotions! So if you are in a relationship and it’s not working, if you don’t change something about yourself it never will and “IF YOU DON’T CHANGE EVERY RELATIONSHIP WILL BE THE SAME!” You and me makes WE and together WE must take the I’s and me’s out of the equation and that to is only my opinion.

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