From night to day

I organized my life and it makes me feel good I’ll say. Turned my life around from night to day.

Everything I do from here on is for the Lord and with that I’m okay. I’ve been guided from the darkness and I didn’t take my own way.

Granted nothing comes easy so for strength I pray, hoping to have the power to not go astray.

In the dark of the night you have to feel and find a way, but when the lights are on the path is clear as day.

Used to be unclear sometimes feeling like I don’t belong here but I realized that in the dark there are things that I fear.

I’m listening because his voice I hear and he’s leading me right out of here, telling me it’s going to be fine so don’t shed one tear.

So as I look in the mirror the man I should be has never been clearer, my life headed down the right path like a stream or a river.

the knowledge he bestowed telling me to hold on and don’t let go, because in faith even when uncertain he’ll make you feel like you know.

Yes, at times in life the lights will go out but it’s how you come back when the lights come on that’s shows what you’re about.


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