Free writing

I’m different, you know, like none other, I keep to myself because I don’t want to uncover, who I am until the real me I discover.

Things Like, how to be a better man, let go of things and withstand, trials and tribulations and those that underhand.

To be the man that I am took a lot of growing up, as I lost friends that swore we would always keep in touch.

We hope that things wouldn’t get funny but I knew that they would, some friendships I wanted to save and some just wished that I could.

People grow apart and it’s a natural part of life, some friendships end petty or with a gun or a knife.

My advice respect yourself and then you’ll get respected by others and put on some clothes to all young sisters and brothers.

Skinny jeans for guys, girls showing every inch of they’re thighs and my only question to you would be and is, WHY?

Educate yourself and be a leader don’t follow. Oh you just discovered a new element, yeah that’s my role model.

Choose wisely while you still have a choice and make sure you know what you’re talking about before your opinion gets voiced.

Hold your head up high is my reply if I see you dragging the floor, long as you continue to fight who could ask for anything more.

Sure, times will change and people will do the same, but when dealing with children you know, they make you play games.

Imposter among us and spreading like fungus, if you can separate the Real from the fake it’s a bonus.

I’m on it and nobody can steal my swag, even if I wiped it off and gave you the rag, buy whatever I like when I choose to pop tags.

Get your mind right and you to could count stacks, keep playing crazy and being lazy you’ll never see racks.


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