Forgive or forget it

This blog is for anyone who’s ever done wrong or been wronged, for those who have loved and those who have lost a love. Im writing this blog for the people who stand up to say “I’m sorry” and for the people that are big enough to except it. For the ones trying to forgive and the ones dying to be forgiven. If this in any way sounds familiar, this blogs for you.

The truth will set you free so here’s the truth about forgiveness.
How many people say “I’m sorry” and mean it? How many people mean it but never get forgiven? Who are you to say my apology isn’t genuine? Why do we say things like “I forgive you but I’ll never forget what you did”? You can’t forget it because you don’t forgive it. We forget things that are important but we willingly remember who wronged us because we look for the payback or we hope that the person that has wronged us will realize the error of they’re ways and change for the betterment of the relationship.

Sorry doesn’t mean I have to put up with your shit and it doesn’t mean that you have to put up with mine, however it does mean that I acknowledge that I wronged you and I want to be forgiven. It comes down to this, I can say I’m sorry until I’m blue in the face but you have to believe it for yourself before you can except my apology and move on. Forgive and forget, wait let me reiterate FORGIVE & FORGET or move on. Life only gets worse when we hold grudges and harbor bad feelings. God never intended for us to hate one another and just like he forgives you, you should be able to forgive me.

Forgiveness isn’t satisfaction for the person that’s apologizing, even though said person receives a small portion of dignity after they’ve been forgiven. It’s mainly for the victim and I say victim because if a crime is committed and you are not the perpetrator, you might be the victim. It’s for you because I hurt you, it’s for you because you did nothing wrong and it’s for you because I’m truly sorry, but don’t take my apology for something different. Meaning, just because I say I’m sorry doesn’t mean you can hold it against me forever and the satisfaction you’ll get out of excepting my apology and moving on will be key to the way you continue to treat me or the way you enter your next episode.

If you can’t forgive one thing you probably never forgave anything. We don’t just start holding bad feelings, it’s a trend or a habit more or less. Think about it, if it’s hard for you to forgive what are you holding onto? Then think about this, have you ever been forgiven for the wrong you’ve done? If so, why should you be forgiven but not me? What makes me forgive you knowing you might not ever forgive me?

GET OVER YOURSELF! That’s what it boils down to. Yes we all make mistakes and yes some mistakes are worse than others but if and when someone does something wrong you have a choice. First choice leave that person alone once you’ve figured out you can’t or won’t forgive them. Second, if you feel like the apology was genuine forgive them and move on if not you’ll relive the past more than you plan for the future. Finally whatever decision you come to, make sure you have gotten over it, because if not anything you try will fail. God gave his only son so we could be forgiven. No one is asking you to sacrifice that so it might be hard to forgive or forget but it’s possible.

If you don’t think you could ever forget the wrong someone has done, you’ll never forgive them. The bad part is we hold onto familiar instead of giving strange a chance. Let go because you can’t hold on to love while harboring how you feel, That’s not love, that’s torture and not just for the wrong doer but also for the wronged.

It’s hard to determine what you will or will not forgive until the situation arises but I think after everything is brought to the surface, we all know what our next move is. some of us like to see people in this position, we drag it out knowing they will do whatever it takes to show you how sorry they are. We make situations worse than they are because we involve people that shouldn’t be involved. If I’ve wronged you it’s between you and me, no one else. I find it easier to get over something when I don’t have outside opinion. Bottom line WORK IT OUT OR GET OUT and that goes for friends, family, strangers and lovers.

We take for granted our life and how much time will have here on earth but in the bible you’re only promised six score and ten from birth.

You don’t want to spend your life bitter and always upset so the best thing to do is forgive and forget.

Why keep living in a world of sadness and anger situations like these could lead to physical or mental danger.

If I say I forgive you then that’s what I mean and you can trust and believe I will not say a thing.

We have mixed emotions, some have bad dreams but you have to understand that it’s not what it seems.

Look at your reality and you’ll have all the facts, then questions like where you been you won’t have to ask.

Don’t hesitate to forgive when you see things have changed and don’t forget in this moment the wrong doer is ashamed.

Forget what hurt you, it’s what makes you happy that mattered and forgive the one that hurt you or the future could be shattered.

Forgive if you see the difference because words just won’t cut it and you might want to get out if they say “yeah I’m sorry but it”.

Forget it or you’ll be listening to the same old song, Forgive and continue or forget and move on.


5 thoughts on “Forgive or forget it

  1. wow…this is great..i agree with everything u couldnt be more true…btw..Hi im to this so n tryna meet fellow bloggers…so subscribe to me and i u….=}

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