What value does the word “fair” really hold? In 2011, what’s considered “fair” or unfair? We say things like “let’s be fair” but “let’s be honest”, things are not nor will they ever be “fair”. Far as I know 98% of things that you’ll encounter in life will be unfair.

I thought life was fair until I got the picture. I thought it would be simple and it was only hard because people made the wrong choices but that’s not true, you can make all the right choices and still feel the pain and discomfort or the joys and admiration of what’s considered “fair”. We struggle with the truth and we wrestle with the inability to be “fair”.

Seek understanding and you’ll find fair. Ask God for the power to be “fair” no matter what situation you’re faced with. Follow your heart sometimes and stop listening to the masses. No one truly knows what’s best for you but you. Somethings don’t get decided by “fair” and really nothing should be. It should be decided by “right”. If it feels right it might be “fair”, if you can’t live without it and it’s good to you and good for you, that’s all the “fair” you need.

I’ll start this paragraph by saying in no way shape or form do I discriminate against anyone no matter your race or religion. I believe that we are all children of God. Now racial profiling is real and predetermined acquisitions are assessed on sight and that’s, not “fair”. I’ve seen more people get jobs based on who they know then people who grind hard to find work yet still have no luck because the reference section of their application wasn’t sufficient and that to, is not “fair”. We judge people, places and things that we don’t understand unfairly just because it’s different and it’s not “fair”. You don’t know what I had to go through to get where I am, we might be similar but we most certainly are not the same but it doesn’t mean we can’t come to a “fair” agreement.

Compromise is “fair”, understanding is “fair”, the willingness to make a decision based on the truth and not what you believe, that’s “fair”. It’s not who did the most wrong but it’s the ability to forgive that determines just how “fair” things will be. One lie is no better than another so what’s the difference if I say it’s raining and it’s not and you saying you are dying and you’re not? I’ll tell you, the only difference is the emotions. Stop expecting greatness when you are only giving a good effort. Great is forever so I’m not trying to be good at anything, I’m trying to be great and I’m not trying to be right, I just try to be “fair”.

Find, Access, Inquire & Resolve that’s “F.A.I.R”. If you find it “fair” you leave it there. If you focus on you and doing what’s right “fair” doesn’t even come into play. It took a lot for me personally to start thinking and doing outside of myself but once I did I became the man I am today and I only thank God for bringing me out of the darkness and into the light. My goal is to bring at least one person with me.

I’m at my best when I give advice or have something good to share, only way to prove love is to show people you care.

Fair or foul you should forgive and move on now, if not your probably living on the merry go round and my question is how?

Don’t continue going round in a circle it makes you dizzy, find something to do and stay busy or keep asking yourself the same stuff like will they be there for me really?

Being fair isn’t situational you either are or you’re not, just like keeping it real or hating on what someone’s got.

Fair is a stance or a position you take, it’s also a decision that we make and all these things are to let us know what’s exactly at stake.

We as a people have failed at being fair, if things don’t concern you how much could you care and when did It become cool not to share.

You have a responsibility to be fair when making a choice, even if it’s just from an opinion you voiced and remember that when it’s fair we all can rejoice.


3 thoughts on “Fair

  1. What a day of rejoicing that will be !! Truth and fairness…hmmm The Apostle Paul stated “whatever state I find myself in, I have learned to be content…” My point is that when we can truly view ourselves with all our flaws and begin to ACCEPT them, will we able to effect the change that is so sorely needed in this world. Kudos to you my brother!

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