Right lady wrong woman

I tried almost everything but nothing really seems to work, From being the good guy to an absolute jerk.

The insane part of it all is I like that it’s a challenge, But women can alter your ego and knock u off balance.

The right one will be a blessing so don’t treat all women the same, The wrong one will have u confessing and pointing fingers for blame.

The right woman will make u feel like you’re whole, The wrong one will have you’re life spinning out of control.

The right one won’t see u fail because she’s got your back, The wrong one will show out in public because she don’t know how to act.

The right woman shares control our life 50/50,
The wrong one will see u grimy, greedy and shifty.

The right one will show u a path when u have no where to turn, The wrong woman will help your life crash and burn.

The right one isn’t jealous because she’s always on her job, The wrong one well to be honest, that bitch is a slob.

The right woman can have it all and u won’t feel bad, The wrong one can’t even tell when or if u mad.

the right woman has no if ands or buts, The wrong one and u can’t pick the children up.

Pick the right woman and you just might have your happily ever after but the wrong woman, if you choose her it’s a life disaster.

The right woman stands tall with her man she is ready to ride, the wrong one won’t even have your back or say she’s on your side.

The right one has pride and takes care of both of y’all and when you get into trouble the wrong one won’t even accept the call.

Look for the right one and stop settling for less or get with the wrong one and deal with the mess.


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