He said she said

She said he said ain’t worth a dime, so much gossip who’s really got time, stop entertaining the bull and you’ll be just fine.

To him life is serious but she wants to play, he says slow down but she says no way.

He has a nest egg and he’s saving for the future, she says she needs money for shoes & that new computer.

He goes to work daily never once calling off, she said I can’t go to work today I’m helping my girl decorate her loft.

He gives his money never asking where it goes, she said you must be holding out or giving it to them others hoes.

She makes him mad but if he doesn’t say she won’t know and if he brings it up later she just says “so”.

He’s actually right but never in her eyes, if she ever says thank you to him its a surprise.

He really wants to please her but he doesn’t know how and he’s so frustrated that he wants to throw in the towel.

She thinks she’s smarter and tries making all the decisions, then refers to him after she has been in a collision.

He holds no ill will and loves her without shame but even when things are good she will find something and complain.

She wants him to change, he thinks it’ll never be the same and it’s so out of control that they’re both calling each other names.

He started to pack his bags, said he’s waiving his white flag and she said he was walking away from the best he’s ever had.

She’s mad he left their home, told her girl she’s glad he’s gone, then spent the night crying because now she’s all alone.

He’s not happy either and wasn’t really trying to leave her but he didn’t know what to do and couldn’t bring himself to beat her.

She said some things are not clear, I love you, didn’t you hear & I don’t want to be alone it’s the one thing that I fear.

He said she could’ve said that before, now his love is no more, she shouldn’t have waited until he decided to head for the door.

She said it’s never to late, let’s start over and clean the slate but he replied what for and said what since would that make.

He said I tried to be what you needed but the requirements I couldn’t meet it, now he feels it’s over and they’re mission together is completed.

He said why don’t we just be friends, she said if it’s over this is where it ends, no ties would be wise let’s not make amends.

He didn’t want it to be like that, yet he respected her wishes and wouldn’t look back, as he walked out her life he never made eye contact.

It all started because she said, then it ended with what he said and if you are listening to others then your relationship is dead.


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