Formal Introduction

Hello my name is Charles Ravel Jenkins but you can call me Caesar. If you’ve read “we live for moments” or “let’s go” you know a little about me but I’m here now to let you in on who I really am and my intentions.

First off I’m what most men want to be and everything women wish they’re man was. I’m independent, I’m gentle as in I’m a gentlemen, I’m confident and secure. I don’t harbor bad feelings and rarely will you find me angry. My flaw I love women, my best quality is my heart and I’m deeply into poetry so I opened up this cafe and it has become my home away from home.

Second, my intentions are strictly business. I’ve written a series of short stories about my life and the first part is coming soon! What I want to be is involved, but at this moment I’m disillusioned because sometimes I can’t tell the difference between who and what is real in my life. I will admit that I’m not a saint but I’m not disrespectful either. My goal is to share my world, my thoughts and dreams. I want everyone to enjoy but be aware, be encouraged to do better and set an example anyone would gladly motto. 

Life is good but things could always be better, I’m living my life through poems, short stories and letters.Yes there will be storms to weather but we have to stick together, life has great rewards and good feelings that last forever.

We build friendships and foundations, we have trials and tribulations but the best thing is accomplishments, pats on the back and congratulations.We have sexual sensations, great hopes and expectations.

We enjoy each others conversation getting lost in pure jubilation, as just being with one another gives us total elation. In my life I seek salvation, never do I give in to temptation, always giving words of wisdom because I’m a helper in all types of situations.

I don’t know everything but I’m only interested in the truth. The things I talk about I know and can show proof. My temper never goes through the roof and I’m very disappointed in our youth. I guess I have to be like Clark Kent and step in a booth. Helping others get a clue sometimes I talk until I’m blue but I’ve got the man above and he’s guiding me through.

To fix my problem you must first handle your own, to me that’s a sign of someone who’s grown, not one who thinks you know everything and still need to be shown.

Yes I know right from wrong but at times I ride the line, yet through faith and courage I never walk into a situation blind, leaning heavily on the word of God as I let my light shine.

Blessed to have breath in my body so I try not to complain, there will always be things in this world and in your life that you simply can not change, but don’t let that stop you the test is to endure, perceiver and maintain.

This is not our first meeting and it most certainly won’t br our last. I’ll be here posting the truth about everything future, present and past.


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