Where did we go wrong

Remember “back in the day”? Remember playing hide & seek with all the neighborhood kids? races to see who’s faster, kickball, basketball, baseball and whatever else y’all made up. where I grew up we had a couple of made up games Like “curve ball” and “any bounce”. You could see Little Girls playing hop scotch and double dutch, while little boys played down the man in the empty fields and intermingling occasionally. Remember break dancing, beat boxing and bike rides that latest longer than they were suppose too? Remember when being a kid was fun?


Now playgrounds are empty, streets are bare and the arcade doesn’t exist. Outside is almost punishment for kids and it’s messing with their social skills. Take away the video games and tell your children to “go outside and play”. Let them know what they’re missing and how you’ll never get a chance to be a kid again. They should enjoy not having responsibilities while they can because time is going fast and they won’t be children for long.

If a child learns self respect early he/she will be less likely to be disrespectful later on in life. If you teach your child right from wrong and make clear the consequences, your voice will resonate in their head and they’ll think twice before they decide to do the wrong thing. Not saying they won’t choose the wrong thing but by understanding the consequences of they’re decision, it will effect what they decide. No we can’t control everything our children do but we can affect how they do it.

I don’t blame what I showed you solely on the kids because we as parents have a lot to do with it. Try this, instead of buying that new video game, buy some skates. Instead of paying for the Internet and cell phones for your child’s pleasure, buy a football or a frisby. The hours wasted on the computers and games could be used for hiking or fishing, bowling and or something constructive. I’m not saying don’t let them play games or use the computer, I’m saying not all the time. Teach your children how to enjoy life because it gets serious real fast!! I don’t know one grown person who didn’t “wish they were a kid again”. No bills, no job and no worries. The only thing I really worried about was wether to dress for playing with the fellas or playing with the girls.

Greater Responsibilities, Obligations, Wants & Needs- Grown. Two words stand out in grown, those words are “grow & own”. Grow into your own man/woman. Grow into your position as mother/father. Own up to your failures as you would your triumphs. Grown people know how to get their own. Grown people face their problems head on. Grown people act like grown ups. Grown people have a duty to raise they’re children to be respectful grown ups.

Keep Investing Daily- Kid. Invest in your children because they deserve the best. Keep instilling dominance, teach your kids to be leaders so that if in fact they do choose the wrong thing, at least it will be their decision.

What ever happened to the good ole days, you know the time when all you heard was children at play.

What ever happened to respect for your elders and holding people accountable for flaws and failures.

What ever happened to children being only seen not heard, when grown folks are talking you could not disturb.

What ever happened to doing what you are told, yes sir or yes ma’am as questioned start to unfold.

Why is our youth desecrating they’re innocence and why do we as parents stand by and watch just makes no sense.

Why is our playgrounds empty but our corners full, why is school a after thought, where did we go wrong and when did we stop caring?

In the wrong direction we get pulled, why not apply the things you were taught and instead of being selfish, let’s start sharing!

Honestly all I really want to say is that if you are a child or have some children, let them be kids and tell them not to take everything so seriously at such a young age. Tell them “have as much fun as you can”. Encourage them to go outside and be constructive.

Being young and carefree while enjoying life Is what a kid should be. Not watching little brother/sister, not washing clothes or cleaning someone else’s mess. Being a child holds only one responsibility and that is to be a CHILD!


One thought on “Where did we go wrong

  1. I totally agree, where did we go wrong. Maybe it started when drugs started getting bad, or maybe it started when kids started having kids. We will never know the answer to that question. Many people want to have children, but don’t want to parent. It’s time for everyone to step up and take responsibility.

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