Let’s go

If you’re anything like me you can’t wait for vacation time but then again my mind goes on vacation a lot more than I do. It’s important to dream so put your imagination to work after all, all things start with a thought and if your imagination isn’t running wild, what are you really thinking about? Life is serious but fun it can be real or a game. you can get a lot or you might not get none, you can take responsiblity or you can take the blame. You can change the course your on or you can sit by as your life spins out of control.

I’m here to help you imagine and if only for a minute take your mind off the world. I’m here to tell you a story and hopefully you’ll get lost in my world, tranquilizing your soul while I whisk your mind away to a place where only good things happen. Life can be draining but if your glass is half full, you’ll always have something to smile about. Okay, now free your mind and let me take you away. Let’s go to a place where we can dream together. Once again I’m Caesar and I’ll be your host for this blog.

The temperature is in the mid 80’s with a brilliant breeze coming off the water but whats most becoming is the rainbow which appears to arch right over the island. This is God at his finest and the beauty is breath-taking. The water so clear, the air so fresh and the only sound that can be heard is nature and the waves crashing into the rocks. This is one of those “moments” and in this moment fear doesn’t exist, worry isn’t present and harm is nowhere to be found. Moments are not to be taken for granted, there to be exploited as history so when that moment comes, you should stop and appreciate it for what it’s really worth.

In all my life I’ve never witnessed such a view, I marvel at the sight and you could not paint a better picture. When you realize that what you’re looking at can’t be duplicated, that’s a miracle. When you understand that the life you live is borrowed and you except that and put God first in everything you do, you’re the miracle. I put my faith in God and he takes the pain away. I pray to the Lord and he brings peace. When your faith doesn’t waiver no weapon formed against you shall prosper. If you can save money, time, effort and energy, you should make room to save your soul.

So if you are ready “LET’S GO”;20110612-095425.jpg

Lets go to a place where nothing goes wrong.

In this place they always play your favorite song.

Lets go to a place where time doesn’t go to waste.

This is where only good things take place.

Lets go to a place where beauty describes everything.

In this place things are exactly what they seem.

Lets go here because we deserve the vacation.

Lets go here for rest and relaxation.

Lets go because this is a place that has no worry.

In this place we awe at God’s glory.

Lets go because you need this little break.

If not right now then how long will it take.

If you’re not here by now you’re really missing out.

If you were here you’d see me Diving into the water as I shout.

If you were here with me you’d be working on your tan.

If you were here right now you’d need sandals for the sand.

If you were here we could toast our glass together.

If you were here we’d discuss how it seems as if you can see forever.

I see a few of you coming this way from a distance.

I’ll send the hostess and she’ll provide any assistance.

Now that you’re here let’s get lost in the moment.

Now that you’re here, do you see what I meant.

This is the a scene in which I admire and adore.

If you’re not here by now then, “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR”.


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