Fathers day

First and fore most to my father in heaven, thank you for blessing me with all of which you have bestowed upon me. Thank you for the gift you gave and all the times you saved me. Thank you for the ability to be redeemed, for opening my eyes to reality no more trying to live a dream. thank you for being my father, my friend and my everything.

To my earthly father who’s presence no longer roams but his spirit lives on and on. Thanks for the memories, the talks and walks. Thank you for everything and I haven’t forgotten the things you taught. Thanks for loving me and I wish you could see me now, thank you for being a man and for showing me how. Happy fathers day dad you’re always on my mind.

I won’t bash dead beats to bad but I’ve got to say this, you’re ignorance is affecting the innocence of a child that didn’t ask to be here. Your arrogance is disrespectful and you should be ashamed of yourself. You missed the first words, the first step, the first tooth, the first bike, the first swim, the first day of school and many other first. Can you feel good knowing that your child says “I don’t really know my dad” or “yeah I know him but he don’t care”. How can you live your life like everything is cool when somewhere there is a child of yours that you barely spend time with if you spend time at all.

You know the saying, “any fool can make a baby but it takes a man to raise his child”. The statement however corny or old it gets, it’ll always have meaning. A father is proud and his biggest accomplishment is raising a good man/woman.

Yes there are many factors into which you might not have control over but it’s just apart of life and things don’t always go as planned but as a father you have a duty to that child and nothing should deter you from your obligation. You don’t have to be the worlds greatest dad but you do have to be there. Stand up and break the cycle, show your children the love they need because you’ll never be prouder of anything else.

Okay now that that’s out the way, to the men that fill in. If you’ve never been thanked before let me be the first, “thank you”. Thanks for stepping up to a world that is not yours. Thank you for taking on the daunting task of raising the children you self proclaim as your own. Thank you for being step dad, momma’s boyfriend but like dad or just that good looking out he, she or them needed.

This is for the real men because not every man is a father but some except the roll. This is for the men that lie down and make them then stands up to take on his roll. This is for the men that say “they’re apart of you so they’re apart of me”. This is for the father that’s trying to be and the fathers that want to be. This is for the man that wants his family to need him and the fathers that we love and have passed on but the love still lingers. This is for you. Happy fathers day, enjoy and God bless.


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