Why is there a dispute in the NFL over billions of dollars when clearly no matter how much stadium prices go up, us die hard fans will still be there, Wether it be the tailgaters or the direct tv package buyer or the avid season ticket holders and the ones that want to be at every game but could only make it to this one. If we’re not complaining, why are they?

Honestly it’s not just football fans, “it’s fans” period. We pay are hard earned money so they can have fun, entertain us if you will. In the end they really don’t care, well maybe not all of them but certainly most. Heck if you want to be real about it most athletes are just mediocre and at best “suit case travelers”, here to entertain you for a few seasons and then on to the next team. Yet these are the people we look up too?

Ranting I usually keep to myself but first the “decision” then the football lock out now they’re talking about a possible basketball lock out too! RIDICULOUS!! You’ve got our money, our loyalty, our support, our undivided attention and our hopes and dreams of that championship parade of one day coming to our town. NOW GIVE US OUR DAMN SPORTS!!

For the first time game goer to the family that’s had season tickets for generations, GIVE US OUR SPORTS. For the guy who’s never actually been in the stadium but is there every Sunday to the man trying to teach his son what is going on, GIVE US OUR SPORTS. For the lady that has gotten into sports because it makes him happy to the woman that knows more about sports then half the men she knows, GIVE US OUR SPORTS. For the people who love Monday night to the ones who tune into TNT on Tuesday and thursday for E.J, Kenny and Charles, GIVE US OUR SPORTS.

Funny how the man that freely signs himself up to fight for our country only gets a parade if he comes home in a body bag! How brilliant is it to pay someone to dribble a ball millions of dollars but the person who responds to “gunshots fired” is barely able to feed his family of four? How smart is it to pay millions of dollars to some guys for chasing a football yet the teacher that got punched in the face for trying to break up a fight gets minimum wage basically for what she has to deal with. how can you look up to someone with more ink color than skin tone and disrespect the man/woman that is raising you?

Maybe there should be a total lock out of sports and then maybe instead of building hundred million dollar stadiums, they could build some better shelters or create more jobs so that the unemployed could get employed. Somewhere we got our priorities all screwed up and instead of gradually getting better, we’re rotting faster than a tomato in a window seal at noon in the summer. Turn off the tv and open your eyes, take the headphones off and listen to what’s really going on.

We’re paying so much attention to something that doesn’t really matter that we’ve lost sight of what does. If this is the end, are you happy with your life as it is? If the world is coming to an end, are you satisfied with the the last choice you made? Do you look at your significant other and wish it was someone else? Can you feel good about the way you treated people and the way they treated you? Will you be able to say, “my life wasn’t perfect but I made every conscious effort towards perfection”? Do you feel ashamed of your life? Did you have integrity or are you willing to put someone other than self first? If the world is coming to an end, are you ready?

If you’re still there I bet you didn’t think I was going there but the reason I did is, there is too much focus on the “haves” and not enough on the “have nots”. A society isn’t made up of one person and a community is a neighborhood not one house.

The end of the world theory was just a worst case reality scenario but the point is, we put so much time and energy on our entertainment that it has distorted our everyday life and by that I mean, your son or daughter given the right tools can be anything yet your biggest dream is your child becomes a professional athlete. We need young doctors and lawyers, authors and scientist. We need more job makers and politicians, more motivational speakers and pastors. We need more guidance and direction, more love and affection. We need more God!!


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