I keep my head up and my feet on the ground

I keep my eyes open with my ears on surround

I keep my faith in God putting my fears in his hand

I keep my mouth closed when it comes to things I don’t understand

I keep watch over my loved ones wearing my heart on my shoulders

I keep an extra coat in my trunk and it’s for if you get colder

I keep gas in my car in case he needs a ride

I keep a lot of patience so some things I let slide

I keep learning new things and going new places

I keep growing it seems and meeting new faces

I keep keeping on because this can’t be it, no way

I keep going to show him I’m thankful for this day

I keep saying I will when at times I won’t

I keep saying keep it real but you don’t

I keep making progress yet you keep pulling me back

I keep telling you the truth but you want proof of facts

I keep wondering if you feel the same way I do

I keep getting the feeling that what I think is true

I keep waiting for a change but it’s not in my sight

I keep anticipating this argument is our last fight

I keep hoping things will get better but that’s just my dream

I keep putting God first and recruiting for his team

I keep wishing for a miracle and praying that I don’t stray from my course

I Keep going, I keep showing, I keep knowing that I am a force

I keep whatever I have real close

I keep blogging because it’s what I want to do most.


One thought on “Keep

  1. I am intrigued, I am confused. I keep reading your blogs. That is what I choose, I wonder why it makes me so sad to feel you being pulled in so many different directions,,,,Go where you want to go. Never allow ANYONE to take you where you dont want to go. Especially on YOUR gas !!!! I share this acronym with you….Follow One Course Until You are Successful. FOCUS. I think you are wonderful.

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