We Live For Moments

Have you ever wished you were in a different place? You know, a place where there is no cell phones ringing or jobs waiting on us to clock in, no kids asking a million and one questions or having to do things for people who probably don’t deserve it. Have you ever just wanted to be left alone but no matter where you go somebody is looking for you, waiting on you, asking you, telling you, hoping you, wishing you and praying you will help them, take them, loan them, give them, show them, tell them, make them and fix their situation. If so, let me take you with me to a place where we both can go, I’ll be your host for the evening , you can call me “Caesar“.

first off there are no children allowed, (no offense to the little ones) but here, we don’t allow them. Second if you are skimming through this post this place isn’t for you either. However if I have your undivided attention hopefully by the end of this blog, you’ll be wondering why Poeticfury was hiding me.

This is the place I was talking about. You hear nothing but nature, you smell nothing but fresh air as rays of sunshine individually peek through the trees and the wind blowing subtlety almost like someone whispering exactly what you want to hear. This moment is perfect and it’s reflection makes my soul yearn for more of these memories, more of these moments. When I get down or just have flat-out had it, I come here and all those things I mentioned earlier I don’t bring here with me. what I take is my Ipod which contains mostly old school r&b but nothing sad and I’ll bring a pad and pencil but since I’ve got you for company I’ll be more than willing to part with the pad and pencil while I just talk to you.

When life gets to be too much this is my oasis, this is where my soul can heal and my thoughts become clear.

This is the place where I talk to God and hope that it’s my cries he hear.

This is the place where no one judges me and I become one with the earth.

Yes this is where I come when I feel the world pulling me down in the dirt.

I come here because it has beauty untold, every time I’m here something new unfolds.

As far as utopia I’m sold, this is the only place that doesn’t care whose in control.

We are all molds and God’s words are what you should try your best to motto.

I come here because his guiding light and everlasting love, I follow.

hollow be thy name without him I am not the same, wandering aimlessly through life with only myself to blame.

My life isn’t a game and I am not ashamed, loving every bit of the man I became.

This is the place where all my troubles and fears disappear and the path I should travel becomes clear.

I come to this spot so my soul, heart, mind and body can rejoice and cheer.

As I look in the river I don’t regret the man I see but I know there is a better man a little deeper inside of me.

I’m reaching in as he is reaching out and I’m always listening because he is the man I want to be.

Like leaves on tress we grow, we change and we fall but when it’s time we come back full tilt.

No one human can compromise a situation that the Lord himself has built.

I do things out of love or just to hear thank you, that is it.

I live to impress myself because I’m my worst critic .

So in this moment I feel as if I’m an Eagle, wings spread soaring through the air.

wind blowing my heart flowing as I start pouring out emotions that are rare.

I live for the moments where you can’t help but remember.

You know the ones that start like “that one time in december”.

The moments are the ones that matter not the ignorance or the idle chatter.

We live, we love and we learn but don’t forget to add laughter.

Those are the moments,the moments to which I hold dear.

No matter where I am those moments are right here.

Don’t hesitate in the moment don’t walk away or try to hide.

These are the moments where we must muster up some pride.

every moment is truly your moment and you should take that moment to shine.

I hope you had a nice time in this moment, this moment which was mine.



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