Metaphorically speaking about the weather

Nothing is more amazing than seeing mother nature run her course. What I see when I look at this picture can only be described as Godly! It’s almost as if you can see where day ends and night begins. The real beauty of this photo lies in what you don’t see and what you don’t see is,where the sky seems to be clear there is nothing going on but the dark clouds are carrying the rain. It’s actually raining on the dark side with sporadic burst of lightening an thunder and on the other side just a glimpse of what a beautiful day it once was. There is a metaphorical way of looking at this picture and I’ll let you landscape your own metaphor while I build mines as you read.

The photo shows that, there’s a beginning and an end to everything and we shouldn’t take anything for granted because the sunshine you’re enjoying right now could easily turn into rain at the blink of an eye. It’s saying “enjoy life but know that not all things in life are enjoyable”, it also says that “you’ll have the same amount of joy in your life as you will sadness”. It is telling us that we have a 50\50 chance of succeeding and failing. Plainly put life is what we make it and those of us that think life is hard, it’s because we haven’t tried hard enough or we’re trying to living up to the expectations of others.

“Life is like driving a car, in park it doesn’t move, if you go the speed limit you won’t get stopped and every once in a while it’s okay to drive over the speed limit”. also “never fall asleep at the wheel because you could end up dead”. Okay one more car metaphor but this applies to anyone who doesn’t know how to lead; “When the music in the car is too loud we turn down the sound and if you can’t turn the music down then you must be a passenger”.

If any of this makes any sense what I’m getting at is this; “If you want something in this world you must first, know that you can have whatever you want but it is not going to just appear. We must visualize and then go do what it takes to get it. The picture really is a magnificent sight and it can be viewed as just that but for the over analyzing mind it has a million stories to tell.


One thought on “Metaphorically speaking about the weather

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