You know “it’s better late than never”!!
If we happen to be friends and I’ve never expressed what our friendship means, are we really friends? If you can say “their my friend but….”, whatever the but is, it sure doesn’t translate to a true friend.

There are rules to being friends if you didn’t know and they are as follows.
1. The advice I give my friends should be the best I can offer, if not I don’t give advice, I suggest.
2. If I am not available at the moment you need I’m obviously busy, if not I’m on my way.
3. What you say to me will never be repeated to anyone else unless the information isn’t classified.
4. Friends don’t bring one another down, we lift each other up without anyone of us ever Leaning to hard or hindering the progress of their “friend”.

Sure, no one has ever wrote a rule book or a friend manual but if so I’m sure those rules would be in there somewhere. We take for granted that people are genuine and more often than not,people are in it for what they can get out of it. Not to many of us will pull over to help another motorist with a flat tire. Neither would we open our home to a total stranger, nor do we give the person asking for change the loose change out of our own pocket.

I deplore you to break the cycle! I challenge you to change the life of someone other than yourself. Can you live a life with meaning without affecting people? How can you be remembered if no one knows who you are? We go to funerals to celebrate a life, not to be a witness to death. We mourn for the flesh and rejoice the soul.

You won’t be missed if you’re not loved and in order to be loved you have to show love. Truth be told that’s the one thing every human being has in common, we all have the desire to be loved. Wether we give or get that desired love is another blog so I won’t get into that right now but, in life we get what we give.

Lovers usually start off as friends. Neighbors become friends, co-workers and your nearby grocer become friends. Time has dramatically changed the options in which we communicate so the networking is unlimited and that alone establishes connections into which friendships begin.

Extend your respect for the life God has given you and the reflection of your light will shine so bright others will come out of the darkness to follow your lead. If you are the chosen leader, lead your people to the promised land not damnation, for the Lord is watching an listening. Leaders have a gift and it could be considered a privilege given by God. It’s a gift because not everyone has the ability to lead, it’s a gift because you have to posses a special quality to be a leader. These things can only be given by a higher power.

I’m not a follower and it took me some time to except the role of leader an I look around and I realize that I don’t expect much but much is expected from me. I don’t mind the expectations, believe it or not I except the challenge. it good to feel wanted and we all want to feel like we can be counted on. “I would rather die and be missed by friends than to live alone”.

Lonely is the man the hates himself. People can say what they want but you make the deciding factors in the mystery of you’re life.
People are affected by the choices you make and that determines what type of friend you’ll have or what kind of friend you’ll be. We control our life and who comes into our lives depends on what type of people we are.

“associates come and go but friends stay forever”


5 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. I think that this is very fitting as well as poignant. We certainly do attract who we are. The sad thing is that some of us never get to realize who we are until it is too late. Thank you for opening this channel.

  2. Hey..what do you think of this? You may fool the whole world down the pathway of years and get pats on the back as you pass But your final reward will be heartache and tears if you have cheated the man in the glass…

    Not mine but deep

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