Believe in someone

There must be a heaven because I’ve been through hell.
Wanted to give up on life when everything I tried seemed to fail.

But God prevailed and into my life he came.
Told me he loved me and called out my name.

He said i was chosen to lead and tell the world my story. Of how I made it over and to Whom I give the glory.

What’s for me I will have and no man could take away.
If I ever feel lost I just get on my knees and pray.

I relay Gods word and I offer my honest opinion.
You must believe in him no matter what your religion.

In order to make a decision we have to gather the facts.
With God in your life all you’ve got to do is relax.

When your soul is intact you’ll live a lot better.
Don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy being together.

We weather the storms and rejoice the sunshine.
You’ll be fine when you learn to unwind and budget your time.

Believe in yourself if you don’t believe in nothing else.
Believe that if you haven’t found love you haven’t found wealth.


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