Stay young

There’s nothing wrong with a woman giving birth.

But a little girl has no right bringing a life to this earth.

Young ladies having babies when there just kids, it’s not good.

Just because you can lay down and have sex doesn’t mean you should.

How can you teach someone when you still have so much to learn.

How can you raise someone when money you can’t earn.

My main concern is the children, their here with no guide.

Growing up foolish, having little respect and no pride.

Not a father in sight because he’s young and confused.

That all adds up to three lives getting abused.

You loose trying to be grown and disobeying authority.

Being an adult isn’t always fun, it’s a priority.

Take life one day at a time because it’s already moving fast enough.

Take it from me, Be a kid as long as you can, being grown can be rough.


5 thoughts on “Stay young

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  2. Once again you have zoned in on a very necessary and relevant issue. This needs to be circulated in the churches, schools, rec centers….etc THE CLUBS ! (lol)

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