Support comes in different shapes and sizes and sometimes where it comes from, too us it’s very surprising. When you offer your support you should first ask yourself “am I as dedicated to this as they are”? If not your support can turn into hinderance.

Let’s say, I’m putting all my efforts into my passion, then you say “I see what you are doing and I want to help” that choice you made to support me depending on how deeply I’m involved in my pursuit could hinder my efforts if I’m counting on you. What I’m saying is “if I don’t ask and you’re not committed don’t offer”.

When you put your all in something or someone it becomes apart of you. You want to see if your dream is shared by others or maybe you just want insurance that your views are accepted and validated as truth. You hope that it’s as touching to them as it was for you. We envision a goal and pursue our destiny blind only guided by our faith and the “support” from the ones we love and deem friends.

Truth is, everyone that loves you isn’t always rooting for you. Some are hoping you fail as if you were enemies. Sometimes the closer you are to success, makes others feel like the further they are from it. Maybe they’ve tried what you tried and it didn’t work out or maybe they’re actually better than you but never tried at all. Whatever the case is we all fall short from time to time but if we support each other it makes it easier to get up.

You should broaden your horizon and you must open your mind. Everything we see isn’t real and just because it seems that way doesn’t mean it is.

“Just like a book has pages humans must be read”.
If knowledge was food then I’ve been well fed.

No judgements from me because we have all made a mistake.
We live our life accordingly only God knows my fate.

I give what I can because God knows my heart.
If you haven’t changed for the better, now is the time to start.

Be smart with the people you choose to befriend.
Make sure their the ones that’ll be there until the end.

The love you put out is the love you’ll receive.
I’m the guy you can rely on when your happy or when you grieve.

We achieve our goals when problems we don’t abort.
We live our dreams when everyone shows they support.


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