Stand strong

Have you ever had the feeling that things will never be right.
You know the feeling that the end seems nowhere in sight.

We must unite and fight together because divided we loose.
It’s you and me forever there’s no one else to choose.

Never be confused about the choices you make.
If you want a good life certain steps you must take.

Relate to one another before you get under the cover.
A good sexual experience doesn’t lead to a great lover.

One hand washes the other we have to learn to agree.
Then we must except all things weren’t meant to be.

Any problem can be fixed if you’re willing to work it out.
Most people just want to scream, yell, fuss and shout.

Everything is not about you and you should consider that fact.
Think before you talk because some things you can’t take back.

Your Life is exactly what you make it and it’s nobodies fault.
We need to stop acting like children and do what we were taught.

The weak give up because everything they try goes wrong.
You fall, you get up and that is how we stand strong.


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