Can’t do it alone

My life belongs to God so my time here is borrowed.
Tired of all the madness, the pain and the sorrow.

I want to live in peace, my life having purpose.
Instead I’m hurting on the inside yet I smile on the surface.

Strange how we think people are stronger than they seem.
We crush each others hopes and laugh at their dream.

We need to encourage and have something to offer.
We shouldn’t discourage because We need to land softer.

The world can be brutal and you should show love at home.
Instead we feel as if we’re taking on the world alone.

Trying to make things different but nothing is really changing.
I’m hanging by a rope and my feet are just dangling.

I want to make since of life and live the right way.
Praying for forgiveness and understanding every day.

Relay this message because it’s important to know.
If we have faith in each other there’s no limit to how far we can go.


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