“Life happens fast”
It’s seems to be a race against time. Everywhere you look things are evolving and it’s only natural that you would too. Change is essential and without it we become just like an old appliance, out of date and out of touch. The reality of life is “things will never stay the same”. For instance, you might live in a house for a substantial amount of time but your always rearranging furniture or updating you’re home to modernize. It should be the same approach to your life.

We all deserve better but you make things better by learning new things or opening your mind up to different ideas and alternate solutions to a lot of problems. To think you’re way is the only way is selfish and one track minded. The world has many views and we don’t see the same, so information is key. Questions get answered and problems get solve by an agreement of facts.

Fact is life is happening and it’s crazy because I can remember being a kid just yesterday! My mother always said “prepare now or you’ll wake up and you’ll be 30”! Growing up I thought “yeah right 30, that’s so far away I’ve got time”. Not understanding that what she was saying was, the time is now. She wanted me to change into the person she knew I could be. That was when I was sixteen and it resonates in my head today because she was right, metaphorically.

Time waits for no one, but we all seem to think we have time, so we put things off until later not realizing that later may never come. Priorities will change you, respect for yourself will change the way you perceive others and a willingness to commit to a cause that isn’t your own. These are life altering things and they all will change you.

We all waste time and that’s not the problem the problem is there is a difference between killing time and wasting it but most people don’t know that. Let’s say I get off work and spend 1 or 2 hours playing the game before I go to sleep so I can get up and go to work the next day. To me I’m killing time because I’ve earned it. Now on the other side let’s say I didn’t have a job and when you left the house, I was on the couch sleeping and when you returned hours later I was still on the couch. To me that’s wasting time because I haven’t earned the right to be idol.

The journey is life and we are all explorers trying to find our place. Yes time gets lost, taken advantage of, misused and misunderstood but it doesn’t stop! We see life being given and taken away everyday and I don’t know about you, but I want my time to count!!!

I want my voice to be heard and my cup to be full.
I want to spread Gods word so if you don’t push I won’t pull.

I want peace for everyone not just myself.
I want to be rich so I can share the wealth.

I want Everyone to love and respect each other.
I want people to understand one another.

I want God to take me and do as he will.
I want my soul to touch what my hands can’t feel.

I want it all but for unselfish reasons.
I want to expand my knowledge forever like the seasons.

I want my prayers to be answered and yours too.
I want to say I will and then get up and do.

I want to be blessed while sharing my gift.
I want you to know I’ll be there and swift.

I want to shed light so I let my light shine.
I want to make the most of what we call “time”.


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