Open up

Good people are all around but we don’t know that because we refuse to give someone the time it takes to fully open up. Most times we shut each other down on initial contact or we cut them out when things arise we deem mistakes. Not saying that everyone doesn’t know right
from wrong just saying that we interpret things different and what I think is cool may not be for you.

No one opens up automatically but if you think it’s worth it stick around for a while, ask question that matter and listen when you don’t feel like it. Be bigger than the situation and come to a grown up decision. You don’t always have to be right and my guess is your not always right, in fact no one is always right. Certainly their are times in life where we all have to compromise but what’s uncompromising is my integrity, my soul and my God.

We all see the world through different eyes and that is what makes us unique but it’s the ability to put you’re feelings aside and asses the situation from a neutral position that makes you special. It’s not easy to say, “regardless of how I feel, I just want you to be happy” or “I don’t agree with you but I understand where you’re coming from”.

Walk in my shoes or look through my eyes.
Take my burdens and hear my cries.
Find out that you built me up with lies.
We are of equal portions but you have to choose sides.
I chose to better my life so I stand proud and firm.
My life’s road is bumpy but Key lessons I’ve learned.
I choose not to do wrong it’s enough bad things in the world.
be a leader to all people but especially little boys and girls.


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