On this day Jesus rose from the dead.
Eternal, omnipresent, all knowing, giver, taker, life creator and the only person you should fear. His word is powerful and his love is merciful and it would behove us all to honor his word, believe in his name, feed that knowledge to all people willing and unwilling, so that they too may be saved as you have been.

No, we’re not perfect but he already knows your flaws, your mistakes and your remorse for he is judge, jury and executioner. No one else has the right to judge the other. “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

with that said seems like nobody should be throwing rocks!! However you think I’m ugly and she can’t stand her or he thinks he’s better than us and they just showing off!! Everyone is so worried what the next person is saying about them that we get caught up on things that don’t matter rather than focusing on the ones that do.

What matters is God and more so the gift that he has bestowed upon us all. You should exploit your gift, share it with the world because that is what it was meant for. A wasted talent is a wasted life. When you wake up in the morning thank God, even if you don’t have the life you want or think you deserve, you’ve still got life and that’s enough to be thankful for any day.

God promised us eternal life and all he ask for in return is that we don’t forget he is the reason we breathe. Put God first and your dreams will start becoming reality. God is real and no matter what religion you are, I strongly advise that you get to know him!!!

In these times I pray for understanding so that he may guide me away from darkness and into the light. Amen and happy Easter.


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