Confucius stats that” patience is a must”
so while your in a hurry I’m slowly reaching the finish line first. Thirst for knowledge and the hunger to grow will consume you.Strive for Authentication and you’ll always be remembered follow your heart sometimes and see where it takes you. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to speak your mind. God promised us everything in abundance but up the hill we must climb on our own choosing different roads and opening up doors that once were closed.
you can’t expect something if your giving nothing, life has a way of beating you up with out any help from others but it’s the way you get up that matters.
Two feet planted we try to get on the right track,
but that thing called life let’s you know the facts.
Nothing in this world will you ever get for free.
Except maybe air but the jury is still out too me.
I work hard for my money and life takes it away.
When dreams manifest thank God for that wonderful day.
I pray for strength and the will to always move forward.
I bare my soul your in control as my goal I move toward.


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