A gift & a curse

God gave us the ability to choose whatever, however and whenever we do what it is we do. The problem with that is the world is a mistake waiting to happen and the only way to right a wrong is through learning. You can’t be perfect but you can always get better. The curse is because of the ability to choose we make hasty, unwarranted and just plain dumb choices and that’s a result of not being able to choose for yourself. Letting others think for you is one of the dumbest choices we can make, choose for yourself and you’ll appreciate your life more. The sacrifices we make in our life determines how much of the gift we actually used. I think we settle for the curse because it’s easy to let someone else do the dirty work while we sit back thinking we’ve gotten on or gotten over but you don’t learn anything from that. “You might get by but you won’t get away”, “what’s done in the dark will eventually come to the light” what goes around comes around” all these quotes will find their way into your life and will you be ready?
For every action there’s a reaction and it might not be today or tomorrow but it’s coming. I think my gift is knowledge but my curse won’t allow me to share all I know because I fear people take advantage of the weak and to be opened up to the mercy of selfishness And disarray too me is weak and I just won’t do it. I get better everyday which let’s me know God is trying to tell me now or never so I give myself to him willingly so that his gift to me isn’t wasted.


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