Washed clean

I took a bath in my sorrows and washed up in tears.
The roads ahead narrows seems like it has been for years.
I used shampoo for my worries and conditioner for my fears.
Tried to get it all out but it was coming out my ears.
My skin was my wrong doings and the rag, things I had done right.
At first it seemed that I would have to scrub myself all night.
I toweled off my distain for life my lotion was Christ.
The water was filthy but the road to redemption now in clear sight.
I put on the robe of glory as I ironed out my problems.
It took some time but eventually the Lord helped me to solve them.
I got dressed in the word, used cologne to attract people.
It’s God’s everlasting love which makes us all equal.
My shoes gave me strength, you need that to stay level.
The hat and coat my bible, used to shield back the devil.
It’s not easy this battle but the mission is quite clear.
The Lord had a vision for you and that’s why we’re here.


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