Choice: it is an ability that everyone has, no one is exempt but some choose wiser than others or faster. Doesn’t really matter if your decision is not effecting me. Or does it? Upon further examination I conclude it does! Even if I don’t know you, somehow, somewhere you’re choice is going to affect me or others in your life.
For instance, if you are a parent and you let your kids do or say whatever they choose, what happens when they walk out of your door? I’ll tell you what happens, a total disregard and disrespect to whom every they so choose. If your children disrespect you, the world hasn’t got a chance. Thus we have young men walking around in skin tight jean with dingy drawls and young ladies pregnant with no clue of who the father could be. It isn’t everyone, but enough to be annoying.
Next glimpse, if you abuse you’re partner wether it be physical or mental, if ever they should get out, you’ve scarred them for life. They might grow to love again but the thought is always there. Now the next person must prove their not that way even if they’ve never showed signs. In turn they’re doing things they never did to show you love and thus they have change. Simply put it’s affecting people.
We should make choices that are powerful and that choice should always be to better our lives. Every option available you should take, think or the wrong choice you might make. Develop friendships that aren’t fake, show people you love them for God sake.
For me: I choose life over death an happiness over wealth, I choose to keep fighting and never go into stealth. I choose us over them an yes over no, I choose when I stay or if I go. I choose knowledge over power an right now over two hours, I choose something sweet over something that’s bitter or sour. I choose up over down an to leap rather than climb, I choose God because we’re running out of time. The list goes on an on about what I choose to do, I could continue setting up scenarios but “I choose not too”.


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