“love is”

When two people “choose” to be together this is what should happen. (I quoted choose for a reason) the “I” and the “me” should be the first words to go and they should be replaced with “we”. I can’t do this alone and you are not in this by yourself. The word “we” means “together” or “us” it takes two and that is the only way it works.
Ultimately if “we choose” to join forces (and I say force because it sounds strong) we must unite, becoming one entity and team up to form a union that no man/woman could break. You and me against the world, you and me, just you and me. I stress that for one reason and that is “he told me,he saw you at the bar with another dude” and she said her girlfriend told her that you was a dog”. Yup the he say she say; letting your friends into your relationship is a bad idea!! Wait; a really bad idea. You and me should not include them! We need to work this out! We need to support one another! We, not them or y’all, they shouldn’t be involved.
It’s not easy to put things you deem important on hold but it’s give and take, it’s coincide an compromise, confirm and confide. You must swallow your pride, sometimes go along for the ride and most important walk side by side. It’s commitment over control, effort over ego and planning over plotting. You must endure, insure, stay pure and be secure. Don’t be rude or forget to include, don’t intrude or always have a bad attitude.
The choice is yours and the way you choose to handle your relationship will determine what type of love you’ll experience. Long term relationships last for one reason and that reason is “love”, which makes me ask the question; “can love be an acronym”. Could it stand for “Living Off Valiant Efforts” or maybe it’s “Leaning On Visible Evidence”. Oh okay let’s try this, love is everything you want it to be and more. It’ll show you that it’s power is uncontrollable, it will remind you that no one knows love like God!! Love is- forgiving, understanding, observant, demanding, commanding And it’s abilities are limitless when in the right hands. Love isn’t selfish, one sided or prejudice nor does it abuse or refuse and it most certainly is not confused. Love is unconditional not situational.
Choose love because you want to be loved, no other reason. If your intentions are anything but love, you’ll get everything but love!!!

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